A Captain Dilemma 

Liverpool Football Club – THE most successful club in English Football.
As the most successful club, we should have a Captain befitting such a club.
Henderson is not that man.
As neither an outstanding player nor a great inspiration the arm band wears heavily on him.

Rumours that Jordan Henderson will be moved on this summer do not reflect the expectations you have for the Liverpool FC captain. I wouldn’t expect to see our captain being linked with other mid-table clubs. This is not a personal attack on Henderson – he was asked to captain the club, a massive honour, why would he turn it down? I believe he has & will do the best he can whilst wearing that arm band.

It’s a sad reflection on the club that Henderson was actually in contention for the arm band. Brendan Rodgers & FSG seemed to be so interested in reducing the wage bill, they didn’t realise that by doing so we also cleared out most of the natural leaders from the club.
So who should be Captain?

I believe there are only 3 contenders, with no stand out candidate.

Dejan Lovren – a ‘phoenix from the flames’ story for Dejan. Once a £20 million embarrassment the man showed the character to come through this and start to turn in some performances befitting of his fee. His performances and confidence levels appear to have been as a result of Klopps arrival at the club. How long can he keep these performance levels up? He appears to fold like a pack of cards when things go wrong for him though, not the type of quality you want in a Captain when the team need a push.

Emre Can – Interesting dilemma with Emre. Still a young player, with only a short tenure at the club, but he has shown leadership qualities already – backed up with some great performances. Maybe the extra responsibiliuty would inspire Emre, or maybe it would weigh him down. I think its too soon for Emre but maybe one for further consideration in a few years?

Mamadou Sakho – he’s become a bit of a cult hero at the club, with his unconventional style and his effervescent attitude he’s won over many critics. He seems to be a popular member of the squad and has immersed himself into the ‘Liverpool Country’ – he even handled the recent drugs issue with class. With Matips arrival it may mean he struggles to be a certain starter.

Given our current lack of contenders, Sakho would get the nod from me. Much depends on Klopps preferred centre back partnership. Matip would be expected to be a starter, with either Sakho or Lovren alongside him. I believe Klopp should choose the winner of that battle as his Captain. 

However, I still think this is a role that Jurgen needs to pay urgent attention to. 
Your Captain is often the pin up boy for your club, one that the rest of the world sees as a reflection of the current standing of the club. Its a role that should be filled with an icon.

We currently are making do with what we have and that’s not befitting of THE most successful club in English Football.

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