Liverpool’s New Hard Man

Steve Gerrard, Gerrard, he’ll pass the ball 40 yards, he’s big and he’s fucking hard, Steve Gerrard, Gerrard.

While Gerrard have been big and fucking hard I doubt he would have been able to stop Liverpool’s new midfield colouss Marko Grujic. Standing at 6’3 the Serbian 20 year old midfielder is a giant, something not seen at Liverpool for a long long time.

Liverpool have always had their midfield generals at the club, powerful players who weren’t afraid to put in a tackle and dominate the oppositions midfield, players like Jimmy Case, Ray Kennedy and Graeme Souness are synonymous with the good times and the successes at Anfield. When Steven Gerrard left to play with LA Galaxy, it left a massive hard man gap in the Liverpool midfield. Jordan Henderson, Lucas Leiva, Joe Allen and Emre Can, while they’re all good technically they don’t inspire fear in the opposition. Marko Grujic has the ability to do this. 

Having watched Grujic in action against Fleetwood Town recently, yes I know Fleetwood aren’t really a team in which you should base a performance on but they’re a lower league side, a side that would love nothing more then to put in a tackle against the champagne boys from Liverpool, Grujic was up to everything Fleetwood threw at him, at times swotting the Fleetwood Town players away from him like you would an annoying fly. Next season knowing you have to face a Liverpool team with a 6’3 Marko Grujic running full pelt at you is something I’m sure will make Premier League managers and players lose sleep. He looks the type of player that unless you chop his legs off with a hatchet, he isn’t going down anytime soon! 
While a lot of fans will not be expecting to see much of Grujic next season, I think it would be a silly move from Jürgen Klopp to keep him on the bench in place of players like James Milner and Jordan Henderson. For me he would be a natural partner to Emre Can. Both of them have power and pace, both seem to be able to make those all important intelligent runs forward. Can as fans saw last season rarely makes a mistake on the ball or losses possession, isn’t afraid to tackle and shoot and plays for the team. If he and Grujic can form a partnership and understanding then Liverpools midfield is set for the next 10 years. 

I for one can not wait to see Grujic come up against the likes of Maraunne Fellani and John Terry next season. Grujic has the ability to dominate not just them but but every other hardman player in the Premeir League. Speaking about the Serbian midfielder Liverpool’s Peter Krawietz said recently; “We are very very optimistic, he has had a good start and this is the point from where we can start to work with him and develop improvement with him. He has the possibility to play in different positions in midfield. He is a young player, he s has to adapt to the Premeir League and our style of play. We know you need strong players and tall players – a mixture for Premier League football. He has every possibility to adapt quickly.” The fact that Klopp went out and got Grujic as quickly as he did shows he think Liverpool are currently soft in midfield and this one signing has hardened it up straight away. I’m hopeful that the £5.1 million paid for him will be a shrewd investment in years to come. 

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