The Curious Case Of Ballotelli

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all, this is the very first time I have attempted to write anything for a website so bare with me and be gentle I am gonna assume we are not gonna see eye to eye on some points but here goes.

I have chosen to do my first piece on a player who interests me a great deal, Mario Balotelli! The reason I chose him, is well because from my point of view the lad is an out an out tosspot, hear me out before you stop reading. Balotelli has not had the most successful spell at the Reds by any stretch of the imagination, was he a committee signing? For me definitely, for all Brendan Rodgers faults I can not believe he would make that kind of signing, given that Mario is everything Rodgers team was not, but I digress. At 25 you could be forgiven for thinking he is much older, heis one of them that has been around for years hasn’t he, but the sad thing about him is he has gained notoriety from his off field antics, from driving round Manchester handing out money to more recently feeding ducks in his kitchen, an that is just the problem!

Starting his career at A.C Lumezzane he has had a host of clubs and managers who can never seem to tame him, which you would think, would worry him but he carries on without a care in the world. It is not like he has played for tin pot clubs or managers so why does he act the way he does. Jose Mourinho, a world class manager (did I just say that out loud) even asked him (at Inter Milan) whilst on a yellow do not do anything stupid 5 minutes in to the second half he picks up his second yellow an he is off, Mourinho’s response, “Well that is just Mario and you cannot change him” so bringing this back to Liverpool, well it just baffles me. When I see fans say Klopp can change him and that he deserves another chance, and I would like to ask this question to those that believe that, based on what?? He does not work hard for the team, we have seen in training videos he rarely puts a shift in there and finally heis hardly prolific in front of goal is he?

Mario in his career has made 243 appearances for club and country and he has scored 87 goals give or take, that is a goal every 3 games, that is not good enough for someome with his ability and his stature but I am sure there will be some who disagree.

From reports I have seen lately fromlocal journalists Mario is putting some serious graft in during the short time he has been back at Melwood, is this too little too late to salvage his career at Liverpool? For me I think so, but like many others who say he deserves another go, I wouldn’t give him it, on the other hand there is just something about the silly Italian I like and I would love nothing more to see him once an for all knuckle down out the work in and be successful, sadly though I just can’t see it, can you?…….

Written by Christ Hurst (@ChrisHurst__)

6 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of Ballotelli

  1. Too little too late is right. Shame because he has talent in his feet but nothing upstairs. Good effort for your first article. Use a spellchecker by the way – don’t be offended!
    Having said that, it would not have picked up on ‘bare’. Bare is to discard clothing. ‘Bear’ is short for forebear. So it should be ‘bear me out.’ Just like “I can’t bear Mancs.” not ‘bare Mancs.’ Here endeth the lesson 🙂
    Well done! Nice article.


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