Keep Calm & Enjoy The Ride

‘Sign Reus!’ has been replaced with ‘Sign Gotze!’

Off season can be a horrible time as a Liverpool fan. Every day we are met with a new player that we are alleged to be signing; only for the following day it’s revealed he has signed for someone else and mass hysteria breaks out amongst fans looking for either a new owner or a pole to stick Ian Ayre’s head on!

This transfer window must have broken the record for the players we are linked with. Any player who has ever been near Germany ‘is in talks with Liverpool’ – whilst we also seem to be attracting players from Croatia/Serbia etc most of who I’ve never heard of & they have an imbalance between consonants & vowels in their names!

Amongst all the hysteria, one man remains calm and happy with what he sees. That man is the one who ultimately will pay the price if the team fails. Yes, Herr Klopp.

Just on 9 months ago we recruited a manager famed for his ability to create teams, to bring in unknowns and mould them into a dominant, exciting team.

Let me paraphrase & remind you of what Jurgen said recently;

“I’m completely different to the English philosophy of we have to buy, buy, buy…………I believe in training”

So far in this window we have seen the arrival of some interesting players. Not massively expensive buys but ones who Jurgen believes he can inspire & mould to create a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.


With no European football next season, the squad size can be trimmed. Jurgen has shown he’s not keen on paying hangers on a fortune for sitting on the bench on the off chance they might be needed. The exit door from Anfield is currently wide open for those who will never make it at our club, a club wanting to get back to the peak. Rightly so.

A few years ago we heard Rafa talk about asking for “a table & they brought me a lampshade” – we, rightly, saw this as a manager who was not being supported by the club to deliver on his vision for the team. We backed Rafa. We now need to show the same confidence in Jurgen’s transfer policy.

We were lucky to get Klopp, a 6 foot blonde German supermodel dating an old has been desperately trying to recreate his youth. It hurts me to say it but, we are punching above our weight with Herr Klopp.

Jurgen is a truly world class manager, not a potential one (Rodgers) or a never has been nor never will be one (the Owl) but one who is in the upper echelons of European managers.

He is famed for building teams, not throwing a load of expensive individuals together hoping they will gel. We can leave that path to that lot down the other end of the M62.

So, whilst it’s difficult to show patience in this world of instant gratification, we need to do what we say & back the manager to deliver the team he wants to deliver – unless of course you know better?

Written by Lebigmc (@lebigmc5times)

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