End of season blues

Klopp got it wrong! The youngsters are woeful! Sturridge must go! Sturridge must stay!

 These are just a few (heavily censored and corrected) tweets and missives I’ve read over the bank holiday weekend. The fan reactions are, as ever, well thought out, reasonable and positive. Ah, perhaps not.

 Liverpool FC has been in transition (I shudder at the phrase) FOREVER. Since the last league win anyway. It is a lazy description and one that needs eradicating from our lexicon. Liverpool is FC is trying its best. The manager is, the players are, and yes, the fans are too, mostly. There are some corners of the internet where supposed fans lurk in the nether regions of dismay and hatred, but I renounce them. I renounce them all.

Jurgen Klopp is a world class manager. WORLD CLASS. It is that simple. He’s new to our league and to our players. Now is the time for him to see what he’s got, and he’s fully aware of the strengths within the squad now, and those that remain will be the foundation of our rise to prominence (I am a fan after all so I do believe this). There will be players who know not to renew their utility bills for another 12 months. Sky Sports will have a few cancellations over the coming months, or at least changes of address, they might need the service to stay in touch with the game!

 I have my thoughts on the players included and omitted from match squads but they count for nothing when the whistle blows. I will support the team selected, it is my duty, it is the duty of us all! I like Teixerira, sorry but I do. If he goes then I’ll wish him well and get behind the next tricksy playmaker. Daniel Sturridge? Sheer class but not media savvy. I want him to stay, like I wanted Suarez and Torres (and Gerrard) to before him. Que sera sera, whatever will be will be, the memories will remain and Liverpool will move on.

 I think there’s a knockabout happening on Thursday. I can’t make it, it’s a shame but that’s life, but I will be watching: seated, crouched behind the sofa (like the last few seconds against Dortmund), running upstairs to shout ‘GOAL’ at my wife, pacing in front of the TV, praying, pleading, wailing and cheering.

This is Europe. We are Liverpool. This is Anfield. We go again.

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