What A Month

What a month it has been for The City of Liverpool, the team and Jürgen Klopp himself.

Hillsborough was without doubt the biggest cover up in footballing history, from the incompetence of the South Yorkshire Police, to the vile behavior of the so called Scum newspaper and the lies of its editor Kelvin Mackenzie and let us not forget its journalists too, who knew exactly what they were writing about on that fateful Saturday on 15th April 1989, when a day out at a football match turned into a nightmare that was to last for twenty seven years and still counting.


There will never be total closure and to be honest there never shpuld be, but now that the real truth is out and no blame attached to Liverpool fans on the day, we can all hold our heads high and say we were innocent of any wrongdoing and it was the people who were there to protect us from harm and keep us safe who were the real villains, and they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for the lies theu told to the media and to shift the blame from themselves in their well paid jobs with a company pension, on to innocent working class football supporters who’s only reason they where at Hillsborough was to watch and enjoy a football match, and for no other reason.

People should be held responsible for the atrocities of Hillsborough, and there is no doubt that the people at the top who ruined so many lives that day should be made to pay for what they di. It’s not the ordinary Bobby or First Aiders who where to blame, but the top brass who should have known better,  and with years of experience who need to be held accountable. l am sure this will happen soon and quite rightly too. What happened at Hillsborough should never be allowed to repeat itself anywhere at any sporting venue.

The  respect of most football clubs in the wake of Hillsborough inquest announcements last week havs been exemplary, with the banners and minutes silences, and not just in this country. It has been a joy to watch and it’s good to know that we haven’t been forgotten even after twenty seven years of fighting for the truth and justice.


Well, on the footballing front….how well did we do against Dortmund? With one of the best comebacks seen in Europe in recent history, obviously with the exception of Istanbul, we just need to get a result now against Villarreal at Anfield, win the Europa League and boss the Champions league next season…easy, but nothing is easy being a reds fan..is it?

So what about the shrewd, no nonsense Jürgen Klopp, don’t let that smile fool anyone, he is a manager with a purpose, that purpose being to turn around a once successful club into a future successful club at any cost and no one is going to stop him, no egotistical overrated players, no underachieving players and no unfit players (even on a diet, wink wink), the turnaround of players moving on and new signings will start as soon as the season ends and not before time either, so heres to bigger and better times at Anfield….good luck everyone.

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