Moving Forward

Well, its two weeks since I wrote anything so we’ll start with the headlines;

Liverpool scored one, Manchester United didn’t score four,

At some point whilst watching United fail to score four, I agreed to go to Dortmund should we draw them in the next round,

By Friday lunch time I was going to Dortmund, via Amsterdam and tapping up every source I know for tickets,

Liverpool Ladies kicked off the season against Manchester City in the FA Cup,

Liverpool Ladies are no longer in the FA Cup and my daughter is never eating skittles at the match again, bloody fidget,

Southampton is basically in France.

As good as a two-nil lead was, they should have already had a penalty before Jürgen had his worst day of in game management since he arrived.
Lovren off was a good decision, Kolo on was the right answer. Martin Skrtel isn’t in our top four centre backs at present and will probably be gone in the summer. I still want rid of Simon Mignolet, I’d had my fill at Wembley and a penalty save isn’t going to change that, just look at the kick for the third.

Liverpool Ladies won their first league game last Wednesday, despite some truly awful officiating. International breaks serve only to bore me and feed tabloids. Right then, that’s us up to date.

Spurs at home then. Enough time has passed since the farce at Saint Mary’s that the crowd shouldn’t be too twitchy, but Spurs are looking very good at the minute. Hopefully they suffer with a hangover from the internationals and we come out like the first leg against the Mancs and not the second half on the south coast.

There’s a case in my mind to rest a few players ahead of Dortmund, and I’d still be tempted to have a look at Danny Ward at some point in the league.  Sadly, I think that Jürgen is playing the long game with Mignolet now in order to retain some value when he slings him out the door in the summer (please Jürgen, please).

I’ll be honest, Spurs being as high as they are as we flounder through the remainder of a league campaign, really bothers me. Leicester didn’t, Spurs shouldn’t. I think it is that Leicester’s fans are probably enjoying the entire thing a bit more than Spurs’. I could be wrong, I could just be jealous, I could be more scared of them than I was of Leicester.

Whatever, I’d love to see us beat them and put a run together towards the end of the season that sweeps us into next.  I can’t see it though, we’ll beat Spurs and Dortmund and lose a terrible game with Stoke next Sunday. That’s how this season has gone. Predictable in its own absurdity. 

Another thing I’d like to take from the remainder of the season is seeing Daniel Sturridge last the course and finally get a decent run of consecutive games. Reassure all concerned, cement his future at the club. I’m struggling to focus on Spurs, Dortmund beckons and there’s an excitement to that which the London team don’t hold for me. 

Admittedly, that excitement may well wear thin if I’m still trying to get a ticket two hours before kick-off with German language skills that were last tested somewhere around year nine of high school. Then again, probably not.
In an ideal world, we leave Germany with a lead. Any kind of lead, but preferably a couple of away goals thrown in there as opposed to a solitary one. That we play the team they vanquished in the previous round shouldn’t be lost on us, but Spurs have decided to put all their eggs in the Premier League basket, and you can’t blame them. Their team selections against Dortmund weren’t exactly terrible, but they were a clear indicator of priorities. I’d like a decent performance on Saturday to give confidence and build into the game in Germany.  So maybe that will focus me on Spurs.

Or not. The yellow wall is calling, first we have to be the selfish hosts though.  Clear a path for Leicester to stretch their lead and then head to Dortmund and hope that good manners and emotion get the better of them when Jurgen waltzes back into town with the predictably unpredictable Reds.

As a footnote, whilst I struggled through finding the words for this one, UEFA have announced that the chant that heralded Liverpool’s charge of inappropriate chanting was for questioning the content of Manchester.  There was a case to charge both clubs for the songs that some of their fans sung at Old Trafford during the second leg. Chants that were clearly heard on the TV. Instead they pick out the most common and generic chant that was there that night. To call this a glaring miss on their part is to understate it.  They’ve dropped a massive bollock and have once more shown an unwillingness to address something that matters. Just remember this is the organisation that fined Nicklas Bendtner more for dropping his kecks to reveal a bookies logo, than it has some clubs for racist chanting of its fans. We really shouldn’t be surprised.