So, what is the difference between Leicester City Football Club and our own beloved Liverpool?

Well to be honest, not that much, we both have a foreign manager, great sets of supporters and can both play exciting football, and on our day both teams can beat any Premier League team. The big fundamental difference especially this season is Claudio Ranieri. Raniero has taken a very average Leicester team and has turned them in to worthy Premier League contenders, whilst Klopp has taken over a very  average Liverpool team who are still very average and are a long way away from title contenders even with some of the Liverpool players costing more than the whole of Ranieri’s Leicester team put together.


What makes a great Premier League team? Obviously the players, manager, and backroom staff are all things that have to be taken in to consideration. We have the Academy at Liverpool, a whole new backroom team from Brendan Rodgers time at the club and of course now Liverpool have a great manager in Jürgen Klopp.

Liverpool still have the same squad, more or less from last season, but is this enough? Well? To win the Premier League it is all about being consistent and Leicester Citys players have been on top of their game all season long, adapting well in nearly every game and grinding out results constantly, that is a sign of a good team, take for instance Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez, Ranieri has got these two playing exceptionally well week in week out, unfortunately that cannot be said about Liverpool’s Adam Lallana, Christian Benteke, James Milner and Emre Can, who have one good game in every six or seven games, but can a great manager like Klopp make certain players perform to a higher level more consistently, if the answer to that is no, then maybe it is time for these players to move on.

Obviously, it is going to take time for Klopp to build up a squad of good players, there has never been any doubt about that, and the true fans will have to be patient, the problem is some of the current team are just not Liverpool players, and sure enough some of them will be on their way out at the end of the season, and in all honesty they only have themself to blame, football is all about giving your all week in week out, there is nowhere to hide.


Rome was not built in a day, as the old saying goes, but it will still be exciting to see who signs for the greatest club (historically) in the world at the end of the season, but more important who will be leaving Anfield and moving on.

Liverpool can not obviously win the Premier League title, but let us hope Leicester do, for their grit and determination, something we could have done with ourselves this season, and to be honest it makes a great change for a small club to be going tap to toe with the big boys, and you never know next season…Leicester v Barcelona….here’s hoping.

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