Well Wembley

Well ,Wembley here we go again, And even though it’s been a little while since the last one it should be a great day out for the club and the fans, Win or lose, But hopefully a great win for the man himself Jürgen Klopp. Well you never know, with the Premiership in the bag, the Thursday cup done and dusted all we need now is the Champions League next season beating Barcelona in the final 5-0, with Sturridge scoring the lot……well we can only hope.

As a club, the pinnacle of any teams achievements must be to win the Champions League…or is it ?  Take English teams for example, Would the likes of Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Liverpool rather win the Premiership or the mega bucks Champions League ?…….BUT, which is harder?

The long haul of the Premiership with the amount of games, Saturday or Sunday and midweek games too certainly takes it toll even on the fittest of players, and add to that the FA and League cup it certainly is a long season… in fact probably too long without a Midwinter break these days.
Obviously, the Champions League is only played on a Tuesday or a Wednesday and isn’t a long competition, but there is the travelling involved, So that’s a negative, but on the plus side games are not played every week and players do get time to recover unlike the English Premier League. The Champions League obviously has more talented players in it, So as a spectacle is better to watch, even with the constant diving and play acting going on which will always be a part of European football….and the Premiership.

Most English teams I think, would rather win their own league as in the Premier League , but that may be different for the likes of, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, or Italian teams who would rather win the Champions League than their own domestic League

On the Liverpool front we still haven’t managed to win the Premiership…yet, But surely Klopp would want to conquer Europe ahead of winning the Premier Leagur just for starters, obviously there’s plenty of time to win the Premiership….lol

So yes, probably, The Premiership is harder to win than the Champions League, But it would be great to have a choice wouldn’t it ? Our time will come soon, and to be honest it’s about time we had another trophy, Anyone will do for starters though starting on Sunday at Wembley the second best Stadium in the world…..

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