The Youth Of Today

Well, we go again into Europe on a Thurday night, shame it is not the Champions League, But hey, beggars can not be choosers. All very good experience for those players who have not played in this competition before, And it’s not as easy as people make out. With some very good teams left in, and the Champions League drop outs of course,  It will take some winning, Even with all our experience.

Should Jürgen Klopp continue to play the younger players in the cup games, or stick to experience ? This is always a tricky one as teams in the past have been crucified by the media and fans for fielding under strength teams who have gone out of cup competitions to lower league competitors, and therefore not giving  fans the chance to see their heroes.

How do the youth players get the experience of first team games if they are never played ? Things have definitely changed over the years, We still have the Academy of course, but at one time Liverpool would have a reserve team where players would bide their time until good enough to play for the first team. No matter how long it took, They also had a Liverpool A team, And a Liverpool B team, but them days are long gone.

An idea the F.A. could consider could be the introduction of the League Cup becoming  a competition where teams can only play five or six first team players, with the rest being made up of youth team players, this would give the experienced players the chance to play with younger and inexperienced youth players at first team level,  this would work very well. At Liverpool and other teams on both levels, and for a more exciting competition.

It will be interesting to see which team Jürgen Klopp puts out for the League Cup Final against Manchester City. As he used many inexperienced players in some of the games who did extremely well, does he give them the chance of playing at Wembley, or go with experience, No matter what he does the fans trust him, And he can take the flak whatever the result.

We knows Jürgen is not a fan of loaning players out to other clubs, We need them at Anfield fighting for their places. Whether it be for the Academy or the first team, it is good for the club and it is definitely good for the players, These are the future of the club and should be treated as such.

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