Reds Rising


Whisper it quietly, haven’t you heard, a power is rising again,
In the religion of football a giant is waking, not a question of “if ” it is “when”,
Reds supporters from all over the globe are rising to answer her call,
Donning their scarves and chanting their hymn, they flock to the bastion of football.

The power at Anfield who once ruled the game, but not anymore it seems,
They flocked to the fields around Anfield Rd singing their hopes and their dreams, Shanklys proud army started the march, Our family it started to  build,.

Paisley took over and added his guille, playing the football that thrilled,
Legends of football from St John to Daglish honoured our club on the field,
But a lack of investment through sitting on hands meant that our fate was sealed, Parry and Moores sold up our club they knew their time had arrived.

Gillette and Hicks took up the reigns it’s then that our fortunes nosedived,
The club had gone backwards of that theirs no doubt, untold damage foreseen, Istanbul and a cup win now and again the only bright spells to be seen.

Our star had faded some gave up the ghost, but the hardcore still had plans,
The 12th man was present throughout these bleak times,our one of a kind world class fans.

Klopps taken over, the masses are stirring the giant birds starting to shift,
The Reds are Rising and Kopites Uniting the Liverbirds starting to lift,
Passions returning once more to our hearts, Klopp has us wanting to dream,
With our gaffers know how and the 12th man by his side things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Like the phoenix from fire, the Liverbirds rising, her red wings spreading so wide,
A Red Dawn is Rising in Liverpool once more, beware all our foes of the tide,
Our banners are mounted, our colours are flying, the Red Risings  marching once more.

So mount up all kopites, raise the flags high, it’s time for our banners to soar,
You’ll never walk alone thunders once more…Reds Rising are red til they die….
The Liverbirds risen and taken her place above Anfield in a Golden Sky…..

Written by Stuart Lane
Banner by Dave James

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