The Season So Far


               Kopites Unite

Come liverpool fans and take a breath,let’s take a brief look back,
At a season so far that’s kinda strange and in no way at all good craic,
Emphatic wins have so far been very far from the norm,
We can’t seem to win a few games in a row,can’t seem to come by good form,
The season began with Rodgers in charge,in itself a bit of a shock,
The 6 – 1 defeat at the hands of Stoke had really devalued his stock,
But a win up at Stoke and home to Bournemouth lifted our spirits real high,
Maybe this is the season or supporters can dream at least let us give it a try,

Arsenal up next, at the Emirates aswell, we played very well in this game,
How we left with a draw after a performance like that really to me is a shame,
All things considered we were in good shape with winnable games on the way,
West Ham on the horizon at Anfield no less, a grand easy game we would say,
What happened next is not easy to take, the hammers nailed us quite hard,
The doubts about Rodgers and how he sets up were evident in every regard,
The mancs at old Trafford up next for us, Let’s try to regain some pride,
A poor manc team spanked us 3-1 on the day, it felt like a piece of us died,

Uefa cup progress was painful and slow with draws against the 3 sides,
It’s not a great tournament with Thursday night games, the leagues more important besides,
The league cup began as we scraped past Carlisle and beat Bournemouth at home,
The young lads got run outs but both games were poor, the locals were starting to moan,
A draw against Norwich at home didn’t help but at least Aston Villa we beat,
Set us all up for the derby away to the blues, can’t bate the Merseyside heat,
A derby draw did nothing to help out oul buck as after he was shown the door,
His complaints can’t be many, let’s face the cold facts, under Rodgers our football became poor,

Who will guide us on all kopites lips, lead the way back to the top,
Anncelloti and Rafa were bandied about, but now comes the time of Herr Klopp,
Kloppmania began with a buzz of delight but injuries were just getting worse,
Draws against Southampton and Spurs at home but hamstrings were proving a curse,
Uefa cup progress was dragging along with a win at home v Kazan,
A Carling Cup draw away to the saints meant Klopp had to come up with a plan,
But then came the high points which sandwiched defeat with wins at Chelsea and City,
The loss to the Palace in the game inbetween was really a terrible pity,

Swansea at home was a tough game but at least with eked out a win,
The Saints in the cup, 6-1 on the night, a result Koeman took on the chin,
Uefa cup football wrapped up fairly prompt with a win and a draw to progress,
Top of the group was nice I’ll admit but who needs this Thursday night mess,
Back to the league and a crash down to earth with away loses at Watford and Newcastle,
A Baggies home draw, a 2 all result inbetween these poor games was a hassle,
A win against Leicester sitting top of the league was in fairness a really good score,
We’ve played alot better and not won the game at some points this season I’m sure.

A win against Sunderland put us back on track but West Ham they beat us up good,
The Arsenal home draw was not a bad night but plans don’t play out like they should,
A semi final win at Stoke in the cup has us off to a fruitful start,
But it’s only half time in this tie to be fair, keep our hopes in check would be smart,
Man Utd at home, our hopes riding high, we were the best team on the day,
What a disastrous result and a kick in the teeth, theirs not much else we can say,
F.A Cup progress at Exeters expense has at least gave us reason to smile,
But this season’s a let down of this have no doubt with limited passion and style,
But Klopp has time and will get it right, all kopites must give him a chance,
A vast knowledge of teams in European leagues from Germany, Spain and France,

The story so far has been poor at best but theres a message we all need to receive,
It’s a difficult long journey on the road to success,
though the door to glory always reached…Believe


Written by Stuart Lane
Banner by David Wigginton

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