Things Will Get Better

Stan Collymores piece on the present Liverpool team was spot on in my book, he says there isn’t one of our back four who is Champions League class, and I agree one hundred percent with him, and this season you can add goalkeepers, midfield and strikers to that list also.

The team struggles as a unit at present, and we are nowhere near Champions League contenders right now. On our current form we are way off qualifying for that all important fourth spot, and the financial gains that go with it, and even though there are plenty of points up for grabs its not going to be easy on current form after losing at home to probably one of the weakest Manchester United teams to visit Anfield in years.


The signing of longer contracts in football always baffles me, but I am sure manager Jürgen Klopp knows what he is doing, Simon Mignolet signing an extension to his current contract ISN’T going to make him a better keeper is it?

Signings too can play a big part in a team, we missed the bargain of the season in Charlie Austin and I still can’t believe why we didn’t at least put a bid in.

BUT…back to the team itself, Klopp is the man to bring us forward, there is no doubt about that, given the time, money and the support he will be successful at Liverpool Football Club, but he knows himself to do that he has to have a clear out in the summer, that’s inevitable to move forwards, and I am sure the fans and the board know it too.

It was always going to be a stiff task for Jürgen Klopp taking over at a club with our pedigree, I mean how do you compete with the likes of Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley and even the success of Rafa Benitez in Europe?


Klopp is his own man and will not be thinking about that, he will bring his own players in, and manage in his own way, that is when we will see the real Jürgen Klopp, I am sure that is what most Liverpool fans want, the ones who doubt Klopps capabilities are not true Liverpool fans.

Its not over till the fat lady sings, we are still in three cup competitions this season, and even with a depleted squad, it would be great if Klopp could win one of them in his first season in England.

Written by HARRY ROAN (@HarryRoan)

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