What Do Liverpool Need This January

Liverpool have had many ups and downs this season. They have managed to rip through the bigger teams; beating Chelsea and Manchester City convincingly and holding Arsenal to a draw.

During these bigger games their plays and link ups have been fantastic and the football as a whole has left many a fan with great memories. The bigger games have flown by and the ninety minutes elapsed before we knew it.

However, Liverpool have also had their downs. Matches that on paper seem like a walk in the park, having beaten Manchester City 4-1, yet bring dropped points to Liverpool.

The smaller, “easier” games have been boring to watch and have left the Liverpool faithful frustrated and angry. The best example of these games is definitely the West Bromwich and even Newcastle league matches.

These games have been a bore and have left many confused. Confused as to how the same full Liverpool first team can beat the “big boys” but then drop points in what is definitely an easier game on paper.

To be fair every team, big or small, has their good day but for Liverpool to have dropped points against West Bromwich, Newcastle, Crystal Palace, Sion and Watford, it has happened to often for a “good day” to be the excuse.

In my opinion, it is unfair to expect the same fourteen players to show up and perform and get the result for Liverpool week in and week out and that is where the cracks show up. Liverpool do not have enough quality depth in their squad.

Yes they have a big squad, however, they only have about fifteen players that are actually good enough to start games as Liverpool players. If you look at the best teams in the world they have almost a second first team waiting to get on the field.

Real Madrid is a brilliant example. They have their starting eleven and then they have players such as Isco, Varane, Casilla, Arbeloa, Carvajal, Casemiro, Kovacic and Vasquez who could all easily replace most of their starting eleven.

In Liverpool’s squad they simply don’t have enough depth. They don’t have any competition for a starting position in Goalkeepers or wing backs with Mignolet, Clyne and Moreno their only options. In central defense Toure is good but is coming to the end of his career. In the midfield positions they have Allen and Milner (when Lucas starts) who are good but aren’t quite there.

Thus Liverpool don’t have a “second” team or at least enough players to rest a few of the starting eleven In the matches of less difficulty.

As a result when players are rested the plays are of less quality and the games become frustrating. However, when the first team plays week in and week out fatigue becomes a major issue and as a result Liverpool begin to drop points.

The only way to become more consistent and get the results is to start filling the gaps. Liverpool desperately need a new starting Goalkeeper and a couple of young and quality defenders and midfielders to push for first team, bring the best out of the team through competition and win the smaller games when some of the first team are rested.

There are many names who can do just that it’s simply up to Liverpool’s infamous transfer committee to get them in.

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