Old Rivalries Renewed


                   Kopites Unite
This is the one we’re waiting for, all kopites know the date,
This is the one that’ll break our hearts or make the weekend great,
The Mancs are in town to shut us down, let’s rise up to the task,
Let’s lift up our scarves and raise the roof, it’s not to much to ask,
Liverpool v United lads, old rivalries commence,
A hatred shared by both these sides that could be called intense,
We take the field with hope in our hearts, the tension will be immense,
No quota asked or seen to be given, this lads is blood and thunder,
The winners elated and jumping with joy, the losers just left to wonder.

The history of this game is filled with battles that left the Kop in tatters,
From Neil Ruddocks header to Stevie G’s rockets, victory is all that matters,
Klopp and Van Gaal, a meeting of minds with one of them under fierce pressure,
Who will triumph in a battle of wits to gain the win they will treasure,
The mancs they are class you just have to laugh, scarves with Mourinhos big head,
What we already know but the mancs won’t say so is they wanted Klopp’s head instead,
Onto the game this really is big, we can’t lose this one for sure,
Six points to the mancs both home and away, In a season where their team is poor,
Passion is needed by our lads in red, get out their and get in their face,
Hit the mancs hard with a high pressure game, don’t let them pass into space,

Anfields our temple, no mancs are allowed, let’s beat them and kick them back out,
A red dawn is rising with Klopp at the helm, let’s show them what supportings  about,
Kopites Unite and sing our song loud, and show the Red Devils how we act,
The Liverpool of old is not dead and gone, it’s rising again that’s a fact,
So if your a kopite and your blood is up, get out their and scream and shout,
Let Van Gaal know what supporters look like, our class is never in doubt,

The Kop will be electric, the flags will fly high, the ground will tremor in song,
The old days are back for supporters at least, in our eyes Klopp can’t do wrong,
So get out your colours and prepare for this game, United will want to win,
Let’s hope we’re prepared for a fight to the death, let this battle begin,

For Liverpool’s a club with pride in our team, we must win to say the least,
Time for our players to earn their red shirts like Firmino and Benteke the beast,
United are dangerous with Rooney on fire, we shouldn’t take this game so light,
Liverpool have history for rising above, for fourth spot we are in a fight,
Liverpool v United a legendary game, rivalry is second to none,
Passion, Excitement, gnashing of teeth, it’s not really suppose to be fun,
So let battle commence and raise our flags high, Red Devils need to be beat,
Kopites are ready to meet them head on, get comfy on the edge of your seat….WE GO AGAIN….YNWA

Written by Stuart Lane

Banner by David Wigginton

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