Have Faith

This season saw Liverpool FC bring in one of the most exciting managers since the incredible Bill Shankly all those years ago, we needed a big change after Brendan Rodgers, and we got it in the exciting Jürgen Klopp, who hopefully will get all the help he needs from the board when he needs it.

To be perfectly honest, we haven’t got the strongest squad, and Brendan Rodgers did leave us with a very average group of players, but we have to just get on with it, and I am sure Jürgen Klopp now realises the situation he has got in front of him, but with his experience we will come good sooner rather than later.

Since Klopp took over we have had some fantastic results, we murdered Manchester City, beat Chelsea, hammered Southampton in the League Cup, but the team has a bad habit of being inconsistent, and that is all down to the players having a great game one week and a shocker the next, Klopp has got to change that, and I believe he will.

We have been incredibly unlucky with injuries this season, but hamstrings are part and parcel of of a footballers life, and the situation with Daniel Sturridge will hopefully be sorted soon, one way or the other…..

This now comes back to the strength of the squad, the players have to step up to the mark and give that little bit extra, the Stoke game proves that they can do it, and they need to perform to that level of commitment every week, if we would have drawn against Stoke I don’t think there would have been too many complaints from our fans,and the manager was happy too, except for the injuries of course.

With the transfer window still open we may need to buy again before the next one In the summer, obviously a key position is a Central Defender ,and a Striker as we are just not scoring enough this season. From a  goalkeeping point of view, there are more important positions that need to be filled in the team first.

It’s obvious Jürgen Klopp is doing it great job, the fans are happier, the players seem happier too than they were under Brendan Rodgers, and who knows who we might sign a player or two in the currebt transfer window, but the question is….can we still get that top four position? Despite the injuries, we are really not that far behind, and MIRACLES do happen…remember lstanbul ?….who can forget that one?

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