The Famous Twelfth Man


                   Kopites Unite

Liverpool supporters the best in the world, we are the famous 12th man,
Just sit right back and let me explain, I’ll do the best that I can,
I’ve supported liverpool all my life, as long as I can remember,
Of the international liverpool supporters club for years I was a member,
I got my Anfield confidential in the post once every month,
And for the latest poster mags in the shops I used to hunt,
I collected all the jerseys from Hitachi through to Candy,
I remember wearing them down the pub while sipping my rock shandy,

The Adidas jersey led the way, they filled my heart with joy,
They made me feel a part of the club, a true as god spice boy,
Through the years it must be said I’ve supported lots of players,
Some of them didn’t last to long, but most of them were stayers,
From Ian Rush to God himself from Hyypia to Karl heinz Riedle,
To Stevie Nicol and Neil Ruddock, the King to Christian Zeige,
I’ve worn their numbers on my back and wore a smile with pride,
I’ve sang their names and supported them while playing in our side,

My memories of liverpool growing up are really kinda sweet,
I remember fowlers quick fire hat trick and dancing in the street,
I remember dates I can’t forget that make me want to cry,
I remember my father turning my head so I wouldn’t see people die,
Hillsborough will remain with me, I’ll never forget that day,
The families will surely see JUSTICE soon, but forgiveness will be harder I’d say,

Stevie Gerrard the legend in red, he made the fans so proud,
He was the silver lining it’s true to say in many a dark stormy cloud,
Liverpools supporters don’t choose their team, their born to be a red,
It sets us apart from supporters of clubs who value the big bucks instead,
History is something that cannot be bought,it’s value  is priceless for sure,
You can’t really appreciate the things you love without respecting what came before,
Passion and loyalty a part of the mix, that makes the famous 12th man the best,
It’s the reason that it’s not just a jersey to us, it’s the liverbird on our chest,
So that’s my opinion for what it is worth for kopites wherever they roam,
At liverpool you’ll always be one of our own and remember you’ll never walk alone….


Written by Stuart Lane

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