Least We Forget

Liverpool is a city steeped in footballing history, to our first FA Cup win against Leeds United in 1965 with the greatest ever Liverpool manager in Bill Shankly to Istanbul and our greatest ever comeback in the best European cup final ever, but to my mind it was the 1980s, when Liverpool had some of the best and complete footballers ever to wear the red of Liverpool, and who were proud to represent their country too.

Liverpool had the best goalkeeper in Europe,  Bruce Grobbelaar the vastly underated Craig Johnston, and of course the goal machine himself Kenny Dalglish, plus the best finisher in the league Ian Rush, along with Alna Hansen, and Mark Lawernson, Graeme Souness and Steve Mc Mahon, and the rest, who were the backbone of the great sides of the eightys.

Liverpool were feared in Europe, when Anfield really was a fortress, teams were already beaten even before the games had begun, and that was the same in the league too, hardly anyone beat us at home, how times have changed.

The commitment and shear determination of the players, along with fitness, and the willingness to give one hundred percent in every game was exceptional, the players were actually PROUD to pull on that shirt, and together with the chanting and singing of the crowds every home game gave us the edge most Saturday’s.

Managers, can be the difference between a good team and a great team, in the 1980’s Liverpool had a succession of fantastic managers in Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, Ronnie Moran and Kenny Dalglish. These where great men who fought to make Liverpool a great club, not only in this country but globally too, in that respect nothing has changed only the fact that we are a bigger business, like most clubs.

People say you shouldn’t look back, if you dont look back then you cant go forward, its natural to remember the successes Liverpool had in the past. The great players and managers, trophies we won, like most clubs the history is as important as the future itself….don’t ever forget past glories.


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