Doubters to Believers: Who stays and who goes?

Jürgen Klopp has made his presence felt in the the short time we’ve been blessed with his hand on the tiller. October eighth was a watershed moment for many fans of Liverpool. It seemed to signal the lifting of a cloud above L4. Much as I have been upset by the recent transformation of Liverpool into a club that sacks its managers I truly think Klopp is in it for the long haul.


What have we learned so far about our manager?


1 – Stay in the stadium until the end

2 – Bring a bleep machine to interviews and press conferences

3 – Don’t be a wimp if you’re a bit injured

4 – Don’t doubt, believe

5 – If you are a player at LFC then expect a fair shot


Point 5 is my favourite. Here is a manager who values the effect and importance of confidence and self-worth on his players, and his fans. He is changing a negative mindset into one of true optimism. We’ve had a mixed bag of results but the fans on social media are still ebullient! This is supporting our team: belief, pure and unadulterated. We are shrugging off bad results and getting behind the team. Similarly the players seem together and upbeat whenever questioned or photographed in training. Appearances can deceive but not with these lads.


Klopp is giving each and every player a chance to prove they should be part of the future of our club; he is giving the fans a chance to remember what it is like to support their players, to be together in the fight; he is giving the press no clichés and saying what he wants, however he wants to say it; he is bringing Liverpool back to Liverpool, from Germany! Optimism is our watchword and long may it continue.


The most profound effect of the renewed fan and manager belief is on the players. Dejan Lovren is a new man now seemingly worth his price tag. He’s looking great alongside Mamadou Sakho (already a Kop favourite). Emre Can is blossoming. Divok Origi is looking sharper. Roberto Firmino is still a little hot and cold, but proved a matchwinner against Leicester. Christan Benteke scored! Daniel Sturridge has asked to play (true story). Simon Mignolet is keeping clean sheets. Phillipe Coutinho has been quiet admittedly but he’s still our magician. Alberto Moreno has been marauding. It’s all slowly coming together. Youngsters are getting their legs stretched and some flashes of genuine quality are evident. Slowly, slowly, slowly. It is happening.


I personally don’t see anyone leaving this January and am not convinced anyone will come in either. It really seems as though the tools he has been given will do and, once they’ve had a fair go, the axe will fall. No one can complain they’ve but had a chance.
One last thing: Jose Enrique hasn’t got a game under Klopp yet…his social media presence is now zero: he will be Enrique 2.0 Klopp Edition. Watch out Moreno. Watch out Europa (but that’s another article).

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