Oh Captain, Our Captain


Some people were born to be great,
But others are destined by fate,
Legends for me, don’t come much better,
Than Steven Gerrard our midfield pace setter,
From Whiston in liverpool born a red,
Jumpers for goalposts as often is said,
Gerrard honed his craft against a red brick wall,
A powerful midfielder with an eye for a ball,

Young man was destined, a matter of time,
Big clubs come calling to sign on the line,
Gerrard never doubted it all would be cool,
His heart it was set on his beloved liverpool,
Barnes was his hero, took him under his wing,
No doubting the benefits his experience did bring,
A powerhouse midfielder making heads turn,
In no time at all his debut at Blackburn.

The kop knew it early, he’s one of their own,
In his earliest days just a bit injury prone,
Well on the road now he began to excite,
His debut goal at Sheffield a memorable sight,
One wonders if Barthez even saw what flew past,
As Stevie G’s rocket passed by him so fast,
Everton knew quickly what this lads all about,
A nice tidy finish and stick his tongue out,
So many goals, 185 was his numbers,
Some of them tap ins most of them hummers,

In the champions league at Marseille, a lob so sublime,
Still stands out in memory as a fave of all time,
Rockets from distance became tricks of his trade,
They set him apart, how legends are made,
Goals against Villa and Newcastle from distance,
The oppisition keeper left rooted with no chance,
I could keep on going the memories don’t stop,
We all have our favourites in front of the kop,
Sami Hyypia a legend knew the time it was right,
When the captains armband came into his sight,

The Gerrard cup final will live long in the heart,
For his captains performance straight from the start,
The cup in his hands, the headlines he’s making,
While West Ham hearts were surely breaking,
He made the people happy is a favourite of Shankly,
His last minute goal sent the kop wild quite frankly,

Olympiakos in Europe how I remember that day,
Will any of us forget the reaction of Andy Gray,
We jumped around wildly, that day was such fun,
With Andy Gray shouting to “take a bow son”,

All were electric but none will compare,
To one night in Istanbul for those who were there,
A 3 nil thumping at the hands of Milan,
A colossus was needed, step forward the man,
Gerrard is a legend for what happened that night,
Him holding “old big ears” was a most welcome sight,
All kopites remember what happened that day,
That evenings celebration a big blur I’d say,

To end how it did breaks all of our hearts,
With Sturridge and Suarez tearing defences apart,
The slip was an error they shouldn’t lay blame,
At the feet of the skipper and the loss of the game,
We came so close lads the heart still does break,
But that season won’t be remembered for that one small mistake,
Our football was amazing, a joy to behold,
An unforgettable season if all truth be told,
Stevie G’s send off it still makes me choke,
Defeat after defeat and trounced up at Stoke,
Legends should never go out in that style,
Gerrard won’t look back at that one and smile,

He said his goodbyes, there was neer a dry eye and off to L.A he promptly did fly,
Wherever you roam, Anfields your home,  For Steven Gerrards our captain, You’ll never walk alone. ….


Written by Stuart Lane

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