Time Up?

With the January transfer window fast approaching; many fans will be dreaming of certain transfers. I am definitely guilty of this and this January I have a lot of business I would like to see be done. Not only are their players I want to see come in but also those who I believe have come to the end of their Liverpool days.

In my opinion time is up for Joe Allen, Jose Enrique, Mario Balotelli and Luis Alberto. Allen has had his good games for Liverpool here and there but as a whole has not been worth the investment. He arrived as a hot prospect alongside Brendan Rodgers; yet it seems Rodgers was his biggest fan. He is in competition with Jordan Henderson, James Milner, Lucas Levia and Emre Can and in my eyes can not find a way into the first team.


Jose Enrique was well worth his pay for a couple of seasons; but his prime has come and gone. With Alberti Moreno, Jon Flanagan and Jpe Gomez, on top of the youngsters coming through the academy; his first team time is definitely up and to keep him at Anfield would just be a needless expense.


Mario Balotelli, the name says it all. He brought with him such hope and excitement. For some fans he even brought dreams of a title challenge or a cup triumph. However, he scored a mere one goal in the 14/15 season and thus is less lethal in front of goal then Leighton Baines.


Lastly Luis Alberto. Having never scored for Liverpool and having spent most of his time on loan; it begs the question, “why is he in the squad?”. With players such as Henderson, Milner, Can, Lucas and of course all the players in the academy; where does Alberto fit in. It’s simple: he doesn’t.


All four of these players were brought in as hot prospects but only Enrique showed his worth. With all four occupying spots in the squad and contributing very little to nothing towards the team it begs the question: “what for?”

In my opinion all four of these players need to leave Liverpool as soon as possible in order to make way for hot prospects.

One thought on “Time Up?

  1. I hear Alberto has been very good indeed for Depor. I’m not disagreeing with these needing to go but I get the impression that all players will get a go with Jurgen. He may offer them a way out but I don’t see him forcing the issue until the summer.


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