All I Want For Christmas

As its nearly Christmas, we all want different things, some of us want toys or clean underwear that we’ll no doubt need as the season progresses and as a lifelong Liverpool supporter I would be very happy with some of the following, a new centre half who can defend, who doesn’t look like a headless chicken when the ball is in his own box, a holding midfielder who can pass the ball, who doesnt commit needless fouls in amd around the box and a striker who can run and who can score the odd goal or two and most importantly doesn’t spend all season in the treatment room, that’s too much to ask for is it? If it is then maybe i should just ask for socks…Liverpool socks of course.


Now, Jürgen Klopp he is a great coach, but he is now starting to realise the job in hand wont be easy for anyone. The truth is, he did inherit from Brendan Rodgers some very very average players, who i suspect he may offload in the very near future and start to sign his own type of players in January, and hopefully Fenway Sports Group will back Jürgen Klopp just like they backed Brendan Rodgers.

The fans expect some new players to come in hopefully in January, and are not wanting to see a mass of million pound signings all at once who are average players, or a mass exodus of the squad, maybe the waste of money players can go, but if Liverpool are to be successful again things have to change soon and the players and the fans shouod not to be too negative, but realistically the squad isn’t strong enough right now.


Klopp, he is well liked by the majority of the true Liverpool fans, not those plastic fans who want him out after ten or so games and given time, and good, solid, signings Liverpool I have no doubt will be back at the top where this great club of ours belongs, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

Merry Christmas to all Football fans worldwide.

One thought on “All I Want For Christmas

  1. Good post. I have already seen a few comments on other websites that Klopp has been found out! Rubbish I say, this Liverpool team will take at least three transfer windows to be at its healthiest, and for the club to totally adapt to Jurgen Klopp and his methods. He is one of the most talked about coaches in Europe for a reason, and he put all that on the line to come to our club and restore it amongst the top clubs in the PL. We are all frustrated at the 1 step forwards 2 steps backwards, but lets give our coach the time he needs and deserves. if at the end of 3 years he has nothing to show and we’re in the same position we are now then he will acknowledge himself that he has failed,


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