With Thanks To Shanks

Come all ye kopites it’s time to give thanks,
To a gentleman, a legend, the man they called “Shanks”
Born to the town of Glenbuck, a Scotsman born and bred,
Preston North End in his playing days a good player it’s often said,
The RAF claimed his playing career, what else could be done,
Bill had to be involved in football again, so he gave football management a run,
Carlisle United and Grimsby Town, he worked to learn his trade,
Workington and Huddersfield Town,  a noticeable difference he made,

Liverpool came calling soon after that and what an impact he’d make,
Could those who appointed him really have known the direction the club would take,
It was Christmas, December, the news came through,
Bill Shankly, Liverpool manager in old Division Two,
For now the proud scotsman had control of club affairs,
He spelled out his vision and singled out the players,

Success came quite quickly, Shanks on a roll,
First and Second division titles, domination his goal,
His signings became stuff of dreams, he had an eye for class,
Ron Yeats and Ian St John signed on, by god those lads could pass,
A ‘bastion of invincibility’, Anfield now rocked,
To the shankly revolution the masses they flocked,

From strength to strength the club it grew, three titles in succession,
Two FA Cups, the charity shield, the Uefa Cup in his possession,

His bootroom of Paisley, Fagan and Bennett would ensure our success for years,
After the FA Cup victory in 74 came an announcement that left fans in tears,
Bill Shankly stepped down, the kopites they frowned, nobody could believe what took place,
Grown men they cried, despite shame and pride with tears running down their face,
Paisley took over and added his style but shanks laid out the whole path,
The club owes so much to his fatherly touch, have no doubt about that,

He built up the club to dominate all, he built it with passion and pride,
September 81, the club went so numb, the great man Bill Shankly had died,
No words can console, it hurt the club’s soul, the great man taken so fast,
He made the people happy and made them all dream, the heartache seemed never to pass,

Many decades have passed since Shankly passed on, the club it’s still going strong,
The foundation he built, the ethos in place, his great name still echoes in song,
His gates still stand proud, the Kop sings aloud, You’ll Never Walk Alone from the start,
All kopites give praise to Shanks early days and keep the great man in our heart.

William ” BILL ” Shankly

Written by Stuart Lane
                   Kopites Unite


4 thoughts on “With Thanks To Shanks

  1. Reading this poem just gives a peek into the transformation started by Shanks, happy days indeed. Can klopp foresee another red transformation? He’ll need money to do so, we’ll need patience. But great words by a great red poet Stuart Lane!


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