I saw an interesting post on Facebook recently and it simply said who is the biggest traitor or as i prefer to say who was the biggest judas at Liverpool, Fernando Torres, Michael Owen or Raheem Sterling. Now as we all know these players all left Liverpool under a cloud of hatred, despised by the fans and when they left they not only ruined their standings amongst Liverpool fans but also their reputations. Some have never been forgiven, some have and others are yet to be judged. For me as a fan I wasn’t really bothered about Owen leaving for Real Madrid back in 2004, come on it was Real Madrid after all but what got me was who he finished his career with, I’m wasn’t and am not that bothered about Sterling leaving the club for cash rich Manchester City as I feel in young Jordan Ibe and Lazar Markovic, Liverpool will become much stronger in the wungs and wuthering less drama. I will admit though it broke my heart when Torres left. I won’t say I shed a tear or anything like that but I had a sickly feeling in the pit of my stomach after he left that maybe Liverpool could hace tried harfer to keep him and this feeling was down mainly to his antics in forcing through a move to Chelsea. A club in his own words are the best in England at the time, ya best for waving plastic flags at matches.


But for me there’s two names that weren’t on the list I saw in Facebook and thesebtwo are ignored bybfans when it comes to naming ex playets who becale traitors and they are Luis Suarez and Steve McManamam. For me Suarez,  and the way he left the club was far worse than the way Torres and Owen left the club. Suarez openly flirted with not only Arsenal but Real Madrid as well and openly admitted he wanted to join Madrid the year before he eventually left for of all teams Barcelona. He made a fool in my opinion of not only the club but also us fans. It baffles me why some fans still adore him it really does. Surely the rose tinted glasses have fallen off at this stage. Then we had to endure his flirtation with Arsenal and that to me was a sickener, worse than Stevem Gerrards flirtation with Chelsea in 2005. The fact that he realistically considered joining them lot in London speaks volumes about him as a player to me.

Look I know I’m in the minority as regards Suarez but before he left for Barcelona he was dead to me as a player. Yes I celebrated wins in which he was involved in but I rarely celebrated his goals, and this always gets me grief when i say it. I’m fully convinced his actions in the World Cup in 2014 were deliberate, a way for him to force a move out of Liverpool, to make his position at the club untenable. Yes I know I’m talking conspiracies here but us fans all love a good conspiracy theory don’t we? And i.also believe that his performances in 2013/2014 season was a way of him showing Europe’s elite clubs exactly what he can do the same way Xabi Alonso did the season before he moved to Real Madrid.


Now we come to Steve McManamam, who at tbe time was a high profile if not the highest profile Bosman transfer move back in the day. For those of you not familiar with what a Bosman signing was, I highly recommend some time on Google. The way in which he left Liverpool, to put it mildly irked a lot of Liverpool fans who thought the club deserved to get a fee for him and even to this day some fans are still a wee bit irked when you mention Steve McManamam and the way he left Liverpool.

For me though leaving Liverpool for one of Europe’s elite clubs (sadly Liverpool, as a club are a long way off been an elite club anymore) is ok. As long as it’s not a Premier League rival I’m not overally bothered. McManamam then put the icing on the cake for the irked fans because Steve McManamam went on to be somewhat a success at Real Madrid winning La Liga titles and the Chamoions League with them and I for one can’t begrudge him his success after his move away from Liverpool. He was one of very few players who left Liverpool and actually saw the grass was greener on the other side of the fence.

But as i said above Steve McManamam was one of the very few players who went on to he successes at other clubs after they left Liverpool. You can say Luis Suarez aswell but even Dejan Lovren would look like a superstar in the Barcelona team Suarez is in now. Before anyone moans, yes Suarez is a good player and yes he’s a goal scorer but I wonder if he had moved to Arsenal or Chelsea would he look as good? Other players like Fernando Torres and Micheal Owen have found the going tough after leaving Liverpool for pastures new. Torres is yet to find his Liverpool scoring boots again and Owen suffered numerous injuries and ended up playing for money at Manchester United but the less I say about that the better.


I’m sure in years to come there will be other players who fit the bill if traitors or as a judas. I’m sure I’ll somehow be adding to this list,  whether it be a Phillipe Coutinho or a Roberto Firmino only time will tell. I’m not opposed to players moving on, because one club playets are like hens teeth these days but as long as they conduct themselves with dignity while moving I’ll have no problems wishing then well on their travels and I may even cheer them at their new club’s,  stranger things have been known to happen! Actually who am I kidding, I’ll he cursing and blinding then and hoping there career takes a nose dive like Torres’s and Owen’s did. After all Liverpool are the biggest blub in the world.

One thought on “Judas

  1. Didnt think mikey done anything wrong,gave great service from a young age,ok the man u thing,but he was an amazing player and won us the f.a. cup


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