Is Sturridge Worth His Wage?

With Daniel Sturridge injured again fans will be wondering; “what’s the point”. To be fair to the player he is a world class striker. His ball control and finishing are top notch.

But with him being injured for roughly half of his Liverpool career; it leaves myself and most fans wondering if he is worth our time.


Sturridge has been prolific in past seasons for Liverpool and as a result his return from injury has cause huge excitement. With roughly forty five goals in sixty games; it is clear to see he is world class.

But world class is worth nothing to the stands and with him injured for roughly half his Liverpool career, the only effect he has had on the club in the recent seasons is his wage expense.


With his latest injury set to keep him in the stands till new year; the fans will surely be calling for a transfer. Now is surely the time to cash in on him. Liverpool could easily sell him for twenty million pounds and with that money could get a decent striker who will either back up Benteke and Ings or lead from the front.

Twenty million pounds may not seem like much but with the right knowledge could replace Sturridge with a hidden gem. A prime example of this is that Arsenal bought Alexis Sanchez for a fee in the region of thirty million pounds.


Personally I think investing in a player such as Paco Alcacer would be much more beneficial then having Sturridge constantly in the stands.

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