Jordon Ibe will shine in Raheem Sterling’s shoes. Many people have said that Sterling has left shoes far too big for young Jordon Ibe to fill, however, numerous facts and reasons have convinced me that Ibe will outshine Sterling in the league.


The most convincing reason behind my belief is that he is humble and is ready to learn. He also never gives up. A great example is his winner that he scored in a deadlocked match against Rubin Kazan. None of the players really looked like scoring, but out of nowhere Ibe picked up the ball and made a fantastic run before finishing cleverly and calmly to take the lead. His positivity and enthusiasm also got him an early recall from his loan at Derby County during which he scored five goals. He has made appearances for the England national team at under eighteen, nineteen, twenty and twenty one levels and his call up to the England first team seems near.

His strength is another positive. Sterling had strength and determination but after a few blows or mistakes it would disappear with his confidence and his performance levels would drop. Ibe is strong throughout games and can often be seen fighting off defenders on his way to goal in the last few minutes of the game. Sterling has two major flaws to his game. Flaws that hold him back from the Gareth Bale or Arjen Robben levels and that is that he struggles to finish and he is greedy. How often do you watch Sterling cut in off the wing and send his shot hopelessly wide or poorly on target when he could either have scored with a good finish or looked to assist another player.

This is why Ibe will be better than him. Ibe always seems to find another player and rarely shoots. However, when he shoots he almost always tests the keeper. Ibe is also driven to achieve at Liverpool and has in past off seasons, even organized kick abouts with one Kenny Dalglish. In comparison Sterling’s off seasons were filled with partying and relaxing in foreign countries.


Ibe is an honest man who will give his all for his club and country and this is seen on a day to day basis. A great example is how he never sulks or gets irritated when he is substituted off the field. Something that could be seen in Sterling’s game. Ibe may not have achieved what Sterling had achieved by twenty years old but to be fair to him, he has played in Sterling’s shoes for the last couple seasons. With Sterling gone, Ibe will be excited to achieve and prove his worth. So far his 2015/2016 season has shown great potential and has had its special moments. Don’t get me wrong Sterling is a great player, but whether he will still be better than Ibe in a few years I highly doubt.

Written by @CStephenson_9

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