Bore Draw

Yawwwwwwwwwwn. That was ninty plus minutes I’ll not get back anytime soon. What a game that was. And not in a positive way. I’m actually struggling to put words together that can put some sort of a positive spin on that absolute muck I’ve just witnessed. Liverpool were poor again tonight, in my opinion worse than they were against Newcastle. They has very little impact going forward, they couldn’t get any rhythm going forward and you could see that Jürgen Klopp wasn’t one bit happy when the final whistle went. I think it’s going to be a very tense dressing room tonight and I can’t blame Klopp to be honest. I think after the last two games, he’s finally realised how big a job he has on his hands making Liverpool great again.


Yes Liverpool may have kept a clean sheet, may have topped the group, finished the game with no new injuries and Jordan Henderson came back into the team having not played since last August. We finally got to see a Jordan Henderson and Emre Can midfield pairing albeit James Milner kind of ruined that party forcing Jürgen Klopp to play Can in a more defensive role. Something that stumps his natural game and he’s less influential in that role. But it wasn’t just Can who wasn’t influential tonight. Adam Lallana, Roberto Firmino and Divok Origi were all off their game for whatever reason tonight. I don’t know was it the half frozen pitch that affected them or were the players still suffering a hangover after the Newcastle defeat I don’t know.


As I said already I’ve been trying to put a positive spin on the game tonight and the only one I can come up with is Brad Smith. The young left back had a great game and looks a real star for the future. He showed composure when he was on the ball and was a threat going forward down the left. If he keeps up his performances it won’t be long before he’s pushing Alberto Moreno for a starting role in the Liverpool team. He’s devolving into a real star and hopefully Klopp cam push him onto the next level.

With West Bromwich Albion coming to Anfield next Sunday Klopp has a lot to think about. With Origi again proving ineffective up front, Christian Benteke in my opinion not a Jürgen Klopp type player and Daniel Sturridge yet again out injured, Klopp has a real dilemma on his hands. For me I would go with the three who started against Manchester City  (yes I know I’ve mentioned it just a few times before) but what do I know. I’m only a football fan.


Another plus is the fact that there’s no more Europa League matches until early next year, no more long haul flights or stupid meaningless European matches. It now give Klopp the opportunity to concentrate on the league and domestic cups, which will come as a relief to some fans. Oh and I’m not going into Firminos performance too much because well, it wasn’t great was it. Anyhow onwards and upwards from here on in. Let’s hope the Klopp revolution can continue in the league from now on.

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