Alberto Moreno

Alberto Moreno joined Liverpool on the 12th August 2014 and made his fist appearance against Manchester City as he looked set to be an exciting young prospect. In his next match Liverpool beat Spurs 3-0 and Moreno scored an outstanding solo goal which firmly won the fans over. He continued to be the reds first choice at left-back for the 2014-15 season but as time went on signs of a naive, shaky defender, on a few occasions undoubtably surfaced.


Moreno runs 40 yards before finding the back of the net against Spurs

This season he lost out on his first team place to new signing Joe Gomez, who likewise, looked to be a talent for the future. Gomez looked more reliable, stronger and he was only 18 as well, things were looking bad for Alberto. However, despite an excellent start, Gomez looked shaky and at time not quite sure of himself which presented Moreno with a much needed chance to prove himself and he didn’t disappoint. He looked a revived player, much more certain of himself and his ability. He appears to be more solid as a defender, stronger, faster, and more aware of his surroundings. Many are under the impression that Moreno, despite his excellent form, only got the opportunity to play due to Gomez’s injury but this is not true. Moreno had firmly established himself in the first team when Gomez got injured and he worked hard to gain that position which he now clearly deserves.

The spaniard is capable of playing as part of a back 4 or as a functioning LWB playing in a 3-5-2 formation. I personally like his ability to play in two different roles as it means he can offer more to the team. Sometimes Moreno looks a little bit too attacking minded for a left back and has been criticised for his actual defending but I feel that he has turned this around and corrected himself, as seen  which for me shows great ability and character. He may only have one assist to his Liverpool career but he is fond of putting the ball into the box when bombing down that left hand side while using his blistering pace. I think this is a good trait to have as it offers more attacking options and especially with a player like Benteke in the box it can surely only lead to goals.

moreno cross.jpg

Moreno moving up the pitch, looking for a cross

I think Jürgen Klopp and Moreno will both greatly enjoy working with each other. Klopp has a lot to teach the Spaniard and Moreno is a young player who is eager to learn from the German’s experience. Klopp will surely only help develop Moreno further as a footballer and I think he will flourish under his watchful eye. Moreno has a high work rate and gets up and down the pitch many times in a game, something which Klopp’s players must all do. It is for this reason that I think Klopp will love working and training with Moreno as he is completely committed to giving his all and trying to improve all the time.

Klopp and Moreno

Klopp hugs Moreno as Liverpool defeat Rubin Kazan

Moreno has been excellent in recent weeks and I have to admit that I’m a big fan of him and would like him to remain with the club for many years. Yes, he has work to do to improve but I think he has already demonstrated his ability to develop and solve key problems in his game. I feel we ought to remember that he is still only twenty-three years of age and shouldn’t be anywhere near his best yet, especially seeing as it is only his second season in England.

Written by Luke Houston



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