Star Players And Their Importance

The importance of Liverpool retaining their star players.

Names such as Luis Suarez, Fernando Torres, Javier Mascherano and Xabi Alonso all bring the same feelings to the stomach of Liverpool fans; regret and pain.These are just some of the big name players whom Liverpool have failed to retain over the past ten years. Players who shone in their own rights and brought euphoria to the fans with their performances on the pitch.
Players who all brought hope and excitement at the potential of winning titles before being lost to the bigger clubs of Europe; taking with them the form and the talent that promised so much.


The impacts of their losses were clear. Liverpool suffered heavily after Luis Suarez moved to Barcelona. The season before he moved he scored nearly all of Liverpool’s goals. His goal scoring tally is yet to be replicated by any of the current Liverpool strikers. His grit and determination nearly helped Liverpool to win that elusive Premier League title back in 2013/2014 season.

The loss of Xabi Alonso proved as fatal as Liverpool slipped from second in the 2008/2009 season to a soft seventh in the 2009/2010 season. A number of factors may have had an effect on this but Alonso was a major factor. He has been hailed as a saint of football and has been sourly missed by the Kop. With rumours of his return again circulating I can’t help but feel he has unfinished business at Liverpool.

A man who is still missed by some of the Kop is one Fernando Torres. He was absolutely lethal in front of goal for Liverpool, scoring eighty one times in one hundred and forty two games. What stung the fans even more was to see their idol fail at Chelsea; time he could’ve spent on the field linking up with Steven Gerrard and embarrassing defenses as he once did.


Liverpool have developed a nasty habit of “cashing in” on its players recently. The only acceptance in my eyes is Suarez, due to his poor behavior. However, there was no excuse with the others. Players like Torres and Mascherano who were sold for a generous penny or two only to be replaced by a couple of smaller players. Players who are a mere shadow of their predecessor.

A good example of this is the sale of Suarez, for roughly seventy five million pounds. Brendan Rodgers and the transfer committee went on to buy Dejan Lovren, Lazar Markovic, Paul Lambert, Adam Lallana, Mario Balotelli and Divok Origi. Of these players, few are still around and only Lallana and Markovic seem to have promise.

The affect of these transfers was clear, Liverpool slipped from second to sixth in the space of a season. Players like Phillipe Coutinho, Alberto Moreno, Mamadou Sakho, Joe Gomes, Danny Ings, Roberto Firmino and  Emre Can will need to spend a good few seasons at Liverpool if they are to provide a title fight. With some of their young players proving their worth and showing great potential, the faithful will be hoping Liverpool have learnt their lesson and Jürgen Klopp can hang onto these unpolished diamonds.


Written by @CStephenson_9

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