My Liverpool Hero

I’ve been lucky enough in my thirty odd years following Liverpool, to have witnessed some great players grace the hallowed turf at Anfield. From Ian Rush to John Barnes to Steve Mc Manamam to Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, Xabi Alonso, Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez, the list is endless. But for me there’s only player who can proudly sit at the top of the list and that’s the Toxteth terror Robbie Fowler.


While I younger i used to love to pretend I was David James as I had aspirations of being a goalkeeper. For me though, Fowler will always be my favourite ever Liverpool player, he is one of those players who, whenever you mention his name to a Liverpool fan, it automatically brings a smile to their face. He is one of those players you can’t help but love. His goal ratio while at Liverpool was immense and is yet to be replicated by any forward since he left Liverpool. Yes some have beaten his short term records but he was able to maintain his goal ratio over a prolonged number of years. But I’m open to be corrected on that point. 

I remember his hat trick in the Premier League against Arsenal, his sniffing the line against Everton and Steve Mc Manamam pulling him up off the line, his support of the Liverpool dockers in a crunch European game, his kicking a ball in training and hitting then assistant manager Phil Thompson on the arse. There was a time he could do nothing wrong and it broke my heart when he left the club. Such was his character it didn’t matter what club he went to, he was loved by the fans, be it Manchester City or Leeds United. The song “We all live in a Robbie Fowler house” always brings a smile to my face.


And such is Fowlers love from Liverpool fans that we’d all take him back in a shoot, at the club in some sort of coaching role. His experience as a striker could be invaluable to the current crop of strikers at the club and he could mentor the younger strikers and give them a confidence boost. He has a winning mentality having won numerous titles while a Liverpool players including the historic treble back in 2002. This winning mentality could be invaluable as Jürgen Klopp tries to build Liverpool back up to been not only the best club in England but also in Europe.

I did a piece recently for @theshanklyway18 on whether or not Xabi Alonso coming back to Liverpool would be a good or a bad thing where I said as much as I love him I don’t think him coming back to Liverpool as a player is a good idea. I would have said the same about Fowler coming back, when he came back to the club. I was afraid his return would have damaged his legacy and thankfully he return to the club under Rafa Benitez didn’t damage his legacy too much. And when he left the second time he broke my heart all over again. I would love to see him back at Liverpool as a coach and not just the ambassadorial role he has at the club right now.


But with all things football, only time will tell if Jürgen Klopp takes Fowler on board as coach. No matter what he does Robbie Fowler will always be God to me, unless of course he aligns himself with anything Manchester United like another former Liverpool striker did.

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