Simon Mignolet, Simon Fucking Mignolet. What a clown. He was the luckiest man on Anfield pitch tonight. What was he thinking holding onto the ball and not releasing it from his hands in the allocated time he can hold onto it for. Thankfully for him James Milner and Christan Benteke came to his rescue. I’m flabbergasted that a professional football player could have made such a goal buy error. Releasing the ball on time is goalkeeping one oh one. But thankfully for Liverpool his error this time didn’t cost them the victory. Oh and of course Bordeaux scored from the resulting indirect free kick.


While the  back pages tomorrow will be full of the Simom Mignolet mistake and the fact that Liverpool went through to the final thirty two of the Europa League, for me the papers should be full of the performance of Jordan Ibe. He was arguably the man of the match for me. Everything he did was positive. His movement going forward, his tracking back, his movement off and all the ball was very mature tonight. He’s finally showing the potential from last season, you know the potential us fans knew he had, the potential that would see him come out of the shadows of Raheem Sterling.

As I said above, Liverpool’s blushes were spared by two quick goals, James Milner got the first from the penalty spot after Christan Benteke was fouled in the box. To me it was a soft penalty,  the ball into Benteke was going no where and he wasn’t getting anywhere near it. Then Benteke got an absolute belter of a goal as met a Nataniel Clyne cross and buried it into the back of the Bordeaux net as the first half came to a close. This was an important goal for Liverpool in more ways than one. It showed that under Jürgen Klopp Liverpool have the ability to come back from being behind, even when they’re not playing that well and tonight Bentekes goal took the wind out of the Bordeaux sails.


Even though over all in the second half they had all the possession they were lucky not to lose the game by more, after Benteke had goals ruled out for off side and for a foul in the box. Bordeaux only had one threatening piece of play and that was from a free kick after a silly Dejan Lovren foul (Both him and Lucas were back to their normal selves tonight.) Thankfully for Liverpool, Simon Mignolet did the simple thing right and saved the ball.

Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp will breath a collective sigh of relief that they qualified for the next round of the Europa League and that they have European football to look forward to in the New Year. Also none of the players picked up any injuries during the match. And I’m refusing to speak about the injury picked up before the match by the glass man. All in all it was a decent performance from the team. Some players did themselves proud and others, well let’s just say others showed that they’re just not good enough for Liverpool.


Onwards and upwards now to Sundays game at Anfield against Swansea. Let’s just hope that Liverpool can do something they haven’t done in the last few outings and that’s win a game after playing European football.

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