The Importance Of Daniel Sturridge

How important is Daniel Sturridge to this current Liverpool FC squad? There has been debate amongst fans recently as to whether the club should keep him or cash in. Although I feel this is just reactionary frustration to his recent injuries. There is no doubting the quality of Daniel Sturridge, the issue has been his fitness and ability to put a run of games together. Therefore an argument is created; Is a so called ‘fragile’ striker on high wages worth having at the club?


This argument is strengthened when you consider the recent performances from Liverpool FC, beating both Manchester City and Chelsea away impressively. The emerging Brazilian connection between Philippe Coutinho and Roberto Firmino has flourished in recent weeks. Adam Lallana has been mightily impressive also. Generally, Liverpool’s attacking play has been technical and threatening. However, I believe popular opinion amongst fans would suggest that Daniel Sturridge would greatly enhance the clubs attacking firepower.

Daniel Sturridge has scored thirty seven Premier League goals in fifty eight games for Liverpool FC. This statistic really speaks for itself and places Sturridge in an elite band of Premier League strikers. In fact he has a higher goals to games ratio than previous stars, Luis Suarez and Fernando Torres. It is not only goals which Daniel Sturridge provides, Liverpool look a more potent and dangerous side when he is in the team. His off the ball movement, technical ability and football intelligence is outstanding. He is a player you can rely on to provide moments of brilliance and generally make positive impacts wherever he is on the pitch. He showed in the 2013/2014 season that pressing is part of his game and his versatility suits Jürgen Klopp’s adaptable systems.


However, according to statistics from (2015), Daniel Sturridge has missed a staggering sixty seven games for Liverpool. He is in his fourth season now and this statistic is alarming. The amount of injuries has raised concern amongst fans as to his ability to consistently deliver for Liverpool. He seems to pick up regular knocks and unfortunately does not seem to shake off minor injuries very quickly. This was evident recently when a clash with Jordan Ibe in training sidelined him for a month, when initially it was thought he would only be missing for one game.

Jürgen Klopp has stated in the last few days that Liverpool cannot keep Sturridge ‘wrapped in cotton wool forever’. I believe this means that Klopp aims to cautiously push Sturridge into first team action. Klopp is a methodical thinker and a highly intelligent manager – he will have a development plan for Sturridge. In my opinion, it is just a matter of staying patient and leaving it to both the medical and coaching professionals at the club.


Elite strikers are scarce in global football at the moment and a player with the overall attributes and character of Daniel Strurridge is going to be hard to find. I would say he is currently irreplaceable and that Liverpool fans should be patient with his injuries and remember his significant impact to the team.

Written by Ben Wade

Twitter: @brwade123

References: – Accessed 22/11/2015 at 21.20

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