What it is like to be a Liverpool Fan

It is no secret that we are not the most loved fans in the country. It only takes asking a few opposition fans about their opinions of us and they are either neutral or full of dislike. Below are 14 things of what it is like to be a Liverpool fan.

1. You dream day and night about winning the Premier League title.

Whilst it hurts when oppositions fans claim that we shall never win the Premier League title, we do dream about this constantly every day. Nothing would make us happier than seeing the reds lift the title at Anfield. We refuse to believe otherwise that this day may not happen even though at present the odds are stacked against us.

2. You understand that history is now irrelevant but still use it.

We are known to constantly regurgitate our successful history to any football fan that tries to offend us and although you know very well that history counts for nothing in the present day, you still use it as a defensive mechanism to get people off your back. Unfortunately, it only adds to the stigma of an average ‘Liverpool Fan’.

3. You either really wanted Rafa back or you didn’t.

This point is probably more relevant to the Brendan Rodgers era, but if you had asked any Liverpool fan back then if they would take back Rafa Benitez you would have either got an enthusiastic description of what his return would mean or an in-depth analysis of why he should return to Anfield. The truth of the matter is there is no right answer to the question if he should go back to Liverpool. The man is at Real Madrid now after all.

4. You have probably sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” randomly.

So you’ve gone out with your friends and had a good few drinks… next minute you find yourself singing the famous Anfield anthem for no apparent reason. Or you sing it in the shower. Do not deny it. And when you hear it at Anfield you sing it off tune at the top of your voice.

5. You have become embroiled in a Twitter/Facebook argument.

There are n**heads out there and you should probably just ignore them. 99% of the time you do but there is always one either on Twitter or Facebook who shows no true knowledge of Liverpool Football Club and you find yourself in an argument for at least an hour defending your points.

6. You think you can manage the club better than the current manager.

We can sometimes be fickle can’t we? As soon as Liverpool start going on a bad run of results we become expert managers or… worse again pundits. ‘WHY THE HELL IS ALLEN STARTING? HE WOULDN’T EVEN MAKE MY RESERVE TEAM’ ‘AT THIS RATE WE WILL FINISH 16TH” “BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER LOANING OUT MARKOVIC. HE WOULD BE IN MY FIRST 11 EVERY WEEKEND”.

We get the drift.

7. You really want to give Mignolet a good shake and tell him to man up.

Now and again there are times when Mignolet saves the game for Liverpool and then there are those shaky moments where you just want to walk on to the pitch and tell him to grow a pair!

8. You still think about the 2013/14 season.

Regardless of the fact that Manchester City won the league that season by winning the most points. It bugs the hell out of you how good we were and you know for a fact that season should have been ours. You know it, pundits know it and every opposition fan in the world knows it. It hurts you every time you remind yourself of the downfall.

9. That slip still haunts you…

Yes, the slip. You know what I mean when I say the slip. And it hurts like hell. Let’s leave it at that, please.

10. Losing ruins your week.

Every time Liverpool lose it ruins your week. You have to go into work on Monday and face the music and you absolutely hate it. Nothing can alter your mood but by Wednesday you are back to normal. You, of course, pretend not to care to others and keep a smile on your face whilst thinking of a plan for Jürgen Klopp to bring back the glory days.

11. But at the same time when Liverpool win you feel like God.

When we win of course you enter work with swagger and confidence like that scene out of the Wolf On Wall Street. You know the scene, it’s been used as a GIF a million times, yes that feeling. No one can bring down your mood is in the clouds and if anyone asks about the game you downplay the result but add in a few key points about players and the tactics deployed.

12. Losing is bad but losing to Manchester United brings you down to a whole new level.

‘Do not talk to me. Do not go anywhere near me. Do not touch me. I am not interested. I just want a drink’.

Yeah. that.

13. You’ve lied in an important job interview about who you support.

Have you ever gone to a really important job interview. You desperately want the job and the topic goes to football and you feel like you have to lie? Just in case they hate Liverpool? Shameful right?

14. Your opinion is ‘we are Liverpool’ and we do not care.

Regardless of what anyone thinks about the club you love it and you would not trade it for any club in the world.

Is there anything else you think typifies being a Liverpool fan? If so please comment.

Written by @DCHartMedia – give him follow and join the debate.

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